Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Three Pumpkins!

We celebrated Halloween yesterday morning at our Children's Museum Halloween Science Fun party.  Grace, Jack and Eve had such a fun time getting dressed up in their costumes that Maddy made for them (lots and lots of pictures to come - tweet, tweet, tweet!).  After the science party we went to our local farm stand to pick out three pumpkins.  Grace chose a round one, Jack chose a tall one and Eve chose a small one.  Just like last year, Grace designed and carved our jack-o'-lanterns all by herself.  In the picture above, Grace had just finished carving her pumpkin and wrote, "Gracie-o'-lantern" on the back!  We enjoyed lighting our jacks last night.  I'll be sure to take pictures of our jacks when they are lit tonight.      

Eve decided to decorate her small pumpkin with markers and stickers.  When we went to the farm stand Eve was so cute...she knew exactly which pumpkin was the perfect one for her right away!

While the girls worked on their pumpkins, Jack drove our lawn tractor with Daddy to cut the grass.  Jack asked that Grace surprise him with his pumpkin carving and he was so happy to see that Grace carved out the letter J on his!


Maddy, said...

So so so *love* these pictures!

- only Amazing Grace would think of a "Gracie-o'-lantern"!

- Eve is a pumpkin herself, as cute as cute can be!

- Jack and Daddy look so incredible together...xo!

I am reaching right out with hugs of love and missing our 'three little pumpkins'!


two quick things, said...

Watching Sandy closely for you as she moves up the coast.

Congratulations on living in your beautiful home for 2 years now...I have it marked on my calendar!

Mom/Mary Ann/Maddy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?