Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Grace joined our town's soccer team!  The players met for the first time this past Saturday.  Grace is on a team with nine other girls her age.  The picture above shows Grace at her first soccer practice.  Grace was excited to receive her bright orange soccer shirt and to be part of a team.  Grace has practice one evening per week and she has a game every Saturday until the middle of October.  I'm sure there will be lots of pictures over the next month!

Eve was so sweet while watching Grace play soccer.  In the picture above she is cheering loudly while watching her big sister play out on the field!

Jack has also joined our town's pre-K soccer team, which begins in September.  Jack can't wait to begin playing.  I think he is going to love soccer and he is already quite the little soccer player (just like his Daddy!).  I'll be sure to post pictures of Jack at his first practice.


Maddy, said...

Love these photos! I feel as if I turned around for a moment and the children just grew up another few inches! Love-love-love all of the soccer playing! Grace will be an amazing team player and Jack will have all the sills of Daddy. And Eve will be the best littler cheerer of them all!

We will make it up for one of the games!

Loving Eve, Grace, and Jack

Anonymous said...

You have now become a fully immersed socceer family. It appears to be a perfect fit - energy, movement, spirit, team players and cheerleaders. Have fun and make wonderful memories.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts: Grace - observing, wheels spinning, coming up with a strategy; Eve - pure, unadulterated glee; Jack - poised and ready for action, let the game begin

Love each of you and all of you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?