Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer at Broadturn Farm

Many of our summer days have been spent at Broadturn Farm (the all organic farm located near our home). Grace spent a total of three weeks at camp there this summer.  Our family loves this place so very much.  Every morning before camp began the campers and their families gathered in this barn pictured above.  It is such a beautiful space (my pictures do not do it justice).

Here is a sweet picture of Grace and Jack that I took one rainy morning in July just before we left for Broadturn Farm.  I love how they are holding hands.

One of the many things we love so much about Broadturn Farm is that we can bike there from our home.  It is a beautiful ride.  In the picture above you can see Grace and Jack riding their bikes to the farm....we never let a little rain stop us!

Broadturn Farm is one of Eve's favorite places.  She loves everything about the farm but she especially adores the dog that lives there whose name is Stella.  Every time we pass the farm Eve says, "Where oh where oh where Ella?"  In the picture above, Eve gets her first look at Stella and she is quite excited!  :)

The campers at Broadturn Farm make their own shirts, which they all wear the last day of camp.  This year Grace made one for Jack and Eve too!  They all love wearing their handmade shirts and Grace is very proud of them!

In the picture above, Grace is showing me one of the shirts that she made that day.

 We all look forward to the end of camp week because the campers give their family a private tour of the farm!  In the picture above Grace is beginning the tour for us.

Grace had such fun showing Jack, Eve and I one of the baby chicks on the farm!

Broadturn Farm is surrounded by trails that extend for miles in the woods nearby.  Jack, Eve and I have loved exploring the woods and the stream that runs along the path after we dropped off Grace at camp.  We have spent hours near the stream making bark and leafs boats, playing with sticks and building fairy houses.

Eve playing by the stream!

Jack watching one of his bark boats float down the stream. 

 Eve playing with some of the trucks at the farm.

There will be more pictures of Broadturn Farm coming soon.  We attended a fundraiser dinner there this past week and I will be sharing some pictures from our evening. 


Anonymous said...

Very nice to see how the three kids are enjoying nature and animals. Love the handmade t-shirts. Wonderful photos. Grace is getting so tall!
Love, Uncle Adam

Maddy, said...

I know what you mean, Adam, I was thinking the exact same thing about Grace. She is beginning Kindergarten in just a few weeks now!

I also think that these are wonderful photos! Broadturn Farm is a magical place. I love that you are able to bike there from your house. Loving Jack & Grace riding their bikes. Jack is three years old and no-training-wheels!

Eve is as cute as one can possibly be with her excitement about Stella and the trucks and her big stick!

I love the hand holding (oh, my heart!), the smile on Grace with the baby chick, all of Jack's charm, and Eve's expressions!

I am so grateful for all the Broadturn Farm brings to your family.

Love, Maddy

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