Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach Days

This is how we have been spending our summer days.  We feel very fortunate to live so close to the beach.  Every afternoon after Eve's nap we head to the beach until dinnertime.  It is the perfect way to celebrate summer and these are the days that we will certainly look back on and remember in the middle of winter!  I have so many pictures of Grace, Jack and Eve at the beach and I will be posting some of my favorites soon.


Donna said...

I LOVE Vermont, the only thing I miss is the ocean I grew up a few miles from... The salt air, views, salt water, seafood, priceless!
Enjoy every minute!
Hugs, Donna

Maddy, said...

I love the colors in this photo, Rebecca. It somehow reminds me of an old postcard...and before you know it those three will be grown and it will be an "old" postcard.

I'm with Donna, I LOVE our Vermont, too but there is nothing at all like the ocean. That smells gets to me every time.

I think about you every afternoon as you are at the beach. How wonderful that Grace, Jack, and Eve have the sea in their minds, hearts, and bones!

Love, Maddy

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