Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Evening at Broadturn Farm

We attended a fundraiser dinner at Broadturn Farm in the middle of August.  Grace attended camp there that week and she worked so hard to harvest vegetables and herbs to help prepare the food.  Grace also helped to make all natural paint for face painting.

I love the picture of Grace above because it represents her spirit so well.  I took this picture of Grace just before we left for the dinner.  Grace was so excited by the event and she was dancing in our yard to express her joy!

Sweet Jack picked flowers for Grace and Eve to hold just before we left.

Grace and Eve arriving at Broadturn Farm.  Grace got very dressed up for this event and she wanted Eve to match with her too!

Grace continued to dance her way all the way there!

Eve dancing in the barn.

Jack getting his face painted.

Grace getting her face painted.

Eve getting her face painted.

Grace and Eve

Grace with her butterfly face paint!

The food at the dinner was straight from the farm and so healthy and absolutely delicious!  The campers did an amazing job with the menu.  

A picture of Eve carrying a cup of water back to our picnic blanket.  Notice Stella, the farm dog, in the background.  Eve loves Stella so much!

Grace admiring the Calendula petal cupcakes that she made earlier at camp that day.  They looked so pretty on the table!

The food and flowers (also grown on the farm) were all so beautiful.  The event reminded me of a wedding.

Jack cleaning up after dinner!  We all brought our own plates and silverware to reduce waste.

After dinner, Jack and Eve enjoyed some time in the barn.


Jack watching a slideshow of pictures of the campers.  Jack is very excited to be attending a six week preschool program one morning per week at the farm beginning in September! 

Eve exploring the farm.

Jack watching Peaches the cow.

Thank you so much to Grace for working so hard to make the fundraiser dinner at Broadturn Farm an event we will never forget.  It was such a special evening for all of us.

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Dad said...

Wow! What a enchanting evening it was. Rebecca, you captured the magic of Grace, Jack, and Eve.


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