Friday, May 18, 2012

Tractor Day at Pineland Farms

We spent yesterday at Pineland, where it was tractor day at the farm.  We started off our morning by riding a hay wagon pulled by a big John Deere tractor down to the barns where several tractors and tractor attachments were set up in a field for the children to explore!  Jack spent the entire time going from one tractor to the next.  It was a dream come true for him (for those of you who know Jack you can imagine how excited he must have been!).  Grace and Eve also had fun exploring the tractors as well as walking in the fields picking dandelions and blowing dandelion seeds together. Here are some pictures from our unforgettable day at the farm...

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maddy love, said...

Oh, my goodness! Jack must have been so excited! He is so well versed in all the tractor names, parts, and companies. What a way to spend a day!

Eve is a flower herself in the field! I'll admit it, Poppy and I do laugh and talk about her little-independent streak all the time!

Grace is looking so grown up these days. The big sister to two smaller ones, she was born for the job! And, she's real good at it.

So glad you had this splendid day.
Love, Maddy

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