Monday, May 7, 2012

Dandelion Week

All things dandelion at our home this week.  Oh, how we love these little yellow spring "flowers."  Pictures of our dandelion activities to come all this week!

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Mom, said...

We love dandelions, too. In fact, just the other day, Dad said that they are one of his favorite flowers!

With all of this rain they are certain to make a huge appearance later this week. I cannot wait to see what incredible things you and the children show us. I've always wanted to make a dandelion salad. Maybe this is the year!

One of my favorite things ever is the dandelion print Grace and Jack made for us a few years back. I still believe that you should sell them at the Farmers Market!! Folks would flock to your table to purchase prints from Eve, Grace, and Jack. I know it!

Kissing those hands of Miss Eve as she sits in the wagon holding her dandelion!
Love, Mom

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?