Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Ready for Dress Rehearsal

Here are a few pictures of Grace getting ready at one of her dress rehearsals last week.

Here is a picture of Grace with her wonderful ballet teacher, Miss Juliette.  Miss Juliette helped put Grace's hair into a bun for the rehearsal. Miss Juliette said that Grace had the worlds smallest bun -- and it was so cute!  

Prior to one of the dress rehearsals, the dancers had their pictures taken by a professional photographer.  I was watching all of the action from the hallway and caught this sweet moment between Grace and Miss Juiliette just prior to Grace's picture being taken.

I love this picture of Grace!  Grace was getting her ballet shoes ready and she reacted to something very exciting Miss Juliette was saying.

Recital day pictures to come!


Maddy, said...

Oh, our girl! Grace is just beautiful. She is a doll. The greatest joy in my life right now is watching these Grandchildren grow. It is a journey that I imagined for a long time but as it turns out it is nothing like I is so much deeper and so more intense than my mind could have ever hoped for. It's kind~of like the reward dessert of life!


ps - I love Grace in "eggplant" as she calls it! She is really a doll!

Aunt Melinda said...

Great the color. Our recital is June 9. I just love recitals. Looks like Grace loves dance as much as Michaela and Madelin do.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?