Friday, May 11, 2012

Dandelion Flower Prints

This week the we enjoyed making dandelion flower prints.  This is something that we have done every spring since Grace was born!  The prints are made by dipping dandelions in yellow paint and stamping them onto paper.  This is one of my favorite projects and the childrens' prints always turn out so beautiful (pictures to come!).

Eve had a grand time with the dandelions this year!  It was so much fun for me to watch Eve with the dandelions.  By the end, Eve looked like one of those beautiful dandelions!!!

Notice Eve's band aid over her eye.  Eve fell into a bin full of blocks earlier this week and received a cut just above her eyebrow.  Eve needed to go to an urgent care center and fortunately Eve's laceration was closed with a type of skin glue and not stitches.  Eve has been quite a little trooper all this week by keeping her band aid on!  

This activity is a favorite of Grace's also.  The moment the dandelions appeared this spring Grace said that she couldn't wait to make the flower prints.

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Maddy, said...

Here it is -- one of my favorite things that the children do, too!

We LOVE the dandelion prints and have so many around our home. But, we would adore some more (always!).

Loving Eve's paint smeared sleeves and hands. We cannot believe that she keeps a band-aid in place over her boo-boo!

Loving our grown-up looking Grace and her sweet charm bracelet.

Hope your Saturday is full of all sunny and warm and flowery moments. It's Mother's Day tomorrow!

Love, Maddy

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