Friday, May 20, 2011

Waiting for Butterflies!

Every spring Maddy sends us caterpillars. Over the past several weeks we have been watching our caterpillars eat & eat & eat and grow bigger & bigger & bigger! Last week five of our caterpillars spun a chrysalis. In the picture above Grace is pointing the five chrysalids.

Once the caterpillars make their chrysalids they need to be transferred into a butterfly net so that they will be safe once they emerge as butterflies. In the picture above Jack is helping to transfer the chrysalids.

Grace has really enjoyed watching the caterpillars over the past few weeks. She was so excited to transfer the chrysalids into the butterfly net because she knows that there will be five butterflies in just a few days! Grace wanted the butterflies to emerge into a beautiful home so she decided to decorate the butterfly net.

Grace decorated the butterfly net with purple ribbon, added flower pots full of flowers and wrote a very special message for the butterflies.

Grace wrote, "welcome butterflies" and she carefully cut out her sweet message and taped it onto the net with the letters facing in so that the butterflies would be able to read it once they emerged from their chrysalids!

Here is a peek into our butterfly net. The small flower pots are filled with flowers and Grace's message can be seen. Thank you, Grace, for making such a beautiful home for our butterflies. Grace was so excited to bring in the butterfly net to preschool with her on Friday to share with her class. We will be having a big butterfly release party several days after the butterflies emerge.

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Maddy and Poppy, said...

I wait every Spring to send you the caterpillars that will emerge into Painted Ladies. I love the life lessons that it teaches your family.

But, this year it is extra~special because the butterfly net/home has been decorated by Grace. Poppy and I cannot believe how seriously Grace takes her work! We just adore that look of concentration on her gets us every time.

There's nothing like entering a new home that has that Gracie Girl touch! And, those sweet messages in flower pots--oh, my! Home Sweet Home!

We Love You, Our Grace, and all that you teach us about the joys of learning,
Maddy + Poppy

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