Friday, May 6, 2011

Moments From Our Week...

Many of the activities and projects we worked on this week are top secret (at least until Mother's Day when we will reveal a few of them!) so I thought I would share pictures of some of our simple "every day" moments from our week...


One of our favorite things about the arrival of spring is the arrival of fiddlehead ferns! One of Grace's favorite moments from this week was sitting outside on our porch one beautiful sunny afternoon and removing all of the stems off of the fiddleheads. We enjoyed this tasty spring treat several evenings this past week for dinner. Grace is really growing up and she is such a big helper to me. How I love this girl of mine!


Eve started laughing this week. Eve is always smiling and her first laughs made this past week an extra special one. Eve's favorite things to do this week were talking (this girl can talk and she has LOTS and LOTS and LOTS more to say!!!!), putting her hands in her mouth (I think she is working on getting her first tooth) and watching EVERYTHING and taking in EVERYTHING around her. This gal doesn't miss a trick! ;)


Jack kept us laughing all week, as always. He has a little twinkle in his eye and he loves being silly and making everyone laugh. Jack enjoyed making homemade spring green play dough this week and driving his cars and trucks through it to make different tracks. Jack also enjoyed many, many good books this week and oh how I love to watch him get so engrossed in a book that he doesn't catch me watching him! One of my favorite moments with Jack this past week was when he put on a music concert for Eve and I while Grace was at preschool. He made up his own songs, complete with his own music and lyrics!

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Anonymous said...

Sitting here, pinching myself, wondering how utterly wonderful and tremendously lucky it is to be a Maddy to these three remarkable, gorgeous, captivating children and a Mom to their nurturing, loving, beautiful Mommy and to have Bob providing happiness, joy, and vision for our family.

Sprinkling stardust and sunshine over you on this Spring Saturday in May,
Maddy/Mom/Mary Ann

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?