Sunday, May 15, 2011


We had been waiting for a warm and sunny spring weekend so that we could go to Boston. That day finally came for us on the last Saturday in April! In the picture above Grace and Jack stood perfectly still while watching the T (Boston's subway). They were so excited to watch the trains and even more excited to ride on the green train line.

Jack clapped, cheered, jumped and danced every time a train approached. I'm sure Boston's subway has never seen such an enthusiastic greeter of the trains!

I love how Jack's tiny hands are clenched in this picture. Jack was SO excited when he found out that the green train approaching was the one that we would be riding on to go to Boston Common.

Jack loved every second he spent riding on the Boston's T.

When we got off the T Jack stood at the top of the stairs to get a final glimpse of the trains and the subway station. I think Jack would have loved to have stayed at the top of those subway stairs all day!

Once we left the T we headed straight to Boston Common -- home to the Make Way For Ducklings statue. I love this picture of Grace, Jack and Eve on the ducks. This was Eve's very first time sitting on one of the famous ducklings!

Daddy and Eve enjoyed watching Grace, Jack and several other children on the Make Way For Ducklings statue from a bench in the Common.

Grace and Jack were fascinated with the swan boats. Next time we go back to Boston I would love to take Grace, Jack and Eve on one.

We enjoyed some time at the North End's Christopher Columbus park. Boston was so pretty when we were there. Everything was in full bloom.

We enjoyed some time at Quincy Market. Eve loved looking at all of the new sites in Boston, especially at all of the people and action in Faneuil Hall.

It was so much fun to watch the seals outside of the Boston Aquarium. I want to take Grace, Jack and Eve there this summer.

I love how Grace is looking up in this picture to admire all of the tall buildings in Boston!

Here are some pictures of our time at Boston Harbor...


we love this, said...

I love the way you can feel your day through these photos. Thank you for all the time it took to put this together for us. We really, really appreciate your work.

Now--about those children! It's like the Leger's do Boston in only the way they can! I love seeing some of the people's expressions in the background as they watch Grace & Jack. Eve must have loved all the goings on there.

I wish that Jack, Eve, and Grace will forever remain so free as to dance, frolic, jump, play, discover, explore, kick up their heels [just like Jack!], and sometimes just be very still and look -- as they are right here in these very pictures in Boston.

We love each of the pictures so much. Poppy and I laughed and talked about each on along the way. It was lots of fun for us. Thank you, Rebecca.
Love to all as you remember your day in Boston,
Maddy and Poppy

Joy said...

Wow! There are so many AMAZING pictures in this post! I LOVE, LOVE, the one of Grace with her hands up!

They also made me want to return to Boston! =)

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?