Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Car Wash

We were planning on having a car and truck wash outside today but the rainy weather changed our plans. Rather than cancelling this big event at our household we brought it inside! We gathered all of our cars and trucks along with a bin full of water and lots (!) of soap. We had a grand time at our car wash today.

Baby Eve had a great time watching Grace and Jack at the car wash. Eve was full of smiles as she heard lots of laughter fill the room. Jack was very sweet to give Eve his favorite firetruck and cement mixer to play with during the car wash.

Grace loved everything about our car and truck wash. Her smiles and laughs got bigger and bigger as she got soapier and soapier!

It was serious business for Jack to wash all of his cars and trucks so they could be in tip top shape to do their construction work. His cars and trucks have never been cleaner after this car wash (and our art room floor too). Yeah!!! Our car wash was a big success.

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maddy, said...

My goodness, Rebecca, you are the best!

Loving the smiles and laughs from the girls and the seriousness of Jack. It is fun to see Eve and Grace enjoying the bubbles and Jack just wanting his cars and trucks clean for future work! Such fun to see from all the way over here.

Also, loving that your floor received a good~cleaning, too.

Loving those Amazings Grands,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?