Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Grace & Petey Cat

Our sweet Petey cat had surgery last week to remove a very large growth from his chest. Grace loves, loves, loves Petey so very much and she was nearly heartbroken as we dropped Petey off at the vet last week for his surgical appointment. Grace couldn't wait to get home that night to see Petey in order to really make sure he was okay. When Grace first saw Petey and discovered the six stitches on his chest and a bandage around his leg where the IV was inserted...she cried. Grace was very sad to think of Petey being in any type of pain and it brought tears to her eyes. Grace has such a kind and caring soul and a deep love for all animals.

The first night that Petey was home from surgery, as Grace was getting ready for bed, I found her laying a scarf and papers out along her floor. She made these items into a pathway leading up to her bed. Grace told me she made a "royal walkway" for Petey to walk on.  Very sweet.

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Mom, said...

I so love the way Grace has such a deep tender heart. There is just something about a child's love for their pet. Loving the royal walkway! Petey is such a sweetheart and with Grace's loving care he will heal quickly. We are sending all of our best kitty love to Petey and love to all of his children and his Cat Mama. Take good care of each other. xox
Love Forever, Mom

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