Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Beautiful Day for Making Dandelion Teas!

Eve spent her morning picking dandelions from our yard. She made two kinds of tea with them...a dandelion sun tea using the whole flower heads and a hot dandelion tea by boiling the yellow flower petals!

 Eve collected dandelions and put them into her little colander!

Sweet, sweet Eve searching for the best patch of dandelions! 

Eve carefully removed the yellow petals of the dandelions and placed them into a pot. She added water and boiled them for about 15 minutes to make her hot dandelion tea.

Eve's sun tea using the whole dandelion flower head. It was so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Your photography skills shine in this series, Rebecca. The colors pop right through your photos. And you captured Eve so beautifully....but that is not too difficult!! The teas sound delicious. Thank you for sharing a special morning in May with your baby with us!
Love Forever, Mom XOX

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