Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Goodnight Notes

For the past several nights Grace and Jack have written post-it notes to each other and have asked me to deliver them just before bedtime. Here is the note to Grace from Jack tonight...."Goodnight Grace. Love, Jack. Bye. XOXO. I love you." I hope this continues every night for years & years & years to come!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this has got to be the sweetest thing I have seen in a real long time!! I love how much they love each other. Love how you play the Post Person role between them, Mama! I cannot get enough of Jack's writing and that picture of Grace in her bed! So cute, so cute.
Love to you all,

Anonymous said...

I don't know where they got this idea, but I hope that source never dries up because this is one of the most loving ideas that I've ever heard. What a wonderful world this would be if more people imitated this practice!
Thank you for sharing this inspirational picture and practice.


Mom, said...

Jack and Grace got the little "love note" idea from you, Rebecca!!

I so LOVE the way you have been sending lunch and snack notes with them since Grace's first day of Pre-School! You make them feel so special and in turn they make someone feel so loved and special.

It's a movement! It is catching on!! I love it all!!
Mom xox

Anonymous said...

Sweet dreams always!

There is never too much love. What a blessing to learn this at such a young age. Perpetual love notes to you all.


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