Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making A Leprechaun Trap!

According to legend, the night before St. Patrick's Day is known for leprechaun mischief!  This year Grace, Jack and Eve are ready because earlier today they made a leprechaun trap.

To make the leprechaun trap Grace first covered a cardboard box lid with green and cold paper.

Next, Grace, Jack and Eve decorated the trap with stickers, jewels, buttons, beach glass and tissue paper to attract the leprechaun.

Here is the finished leprechaun trap.  We propped up the trap with a ruler at the top of our stairs, just outside of Grace, Jack and Eve's bedrooms.  After doing some research today we learned that leprechauns love tea and nuts so we filled a tiny teacup, pitcher and a plate with these.

 I'll let you know tomorrow whether our trap worked!  :)

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Poppy and the Maddy said...

Let us know if you catch or see any of the Leprechauns. If so, be kind and respectful to them and be polite and you may have gained a new friend.

Also, it's a full moon tonight!

Don't hide your inner moonlight!

Love, Poppy

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