Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Grace at Middlebury College

While Grace and I were in Middlebury over the weekend we walked around Middlebury College together on Saturday afternoon.  Ever since she was teeny tiny Grace has always loved Middlebury and she told me as we were walking around the campus that her dream is to attend Middlebury after she graduates from high school.

Grace walked to the Davis Family library to do her math homework.  She looks just like a college girl here.

Here is Grace just outside of the library.

Here is Grace standing outside of the Arts building. She loved this LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana.

This is the Arts building.  Grace and I enjoyed walking around the Middlebury College Museum of Art.

 Here is Grace studying a painting inspired by Dr. Seuss.

 Grace studying a painting inside of the museum.

Grace hula hooping inside of the arts building! 

 Grace taking a little rest inside of the arts building.

 Grace walking up the pathway to Mead Chapel.

 Grace at the entrance to Middlebury College.


Mead Chapel

 The sports building

 Middlebury's ice hockey rink!

 A beautiful view of the mountains!


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