Monday, March 17, 2014

Did We Catch A Leprechaun in Our Trap???

Unfortunately we did NOT catch our leprechaun in our trap this year but he did indeed visit our home last night...we know this because he left behind his little green footprints throughout our house.  We discovered through tracking the prints that the leprechaun came in through our front door, ran directly upstairs to eat the treats we put in his trap and then went into Grace, Jack and Eve's room to hide several gold coins.  After that he went back down the stairs, created a little bit of mischief in our house (!) and then left through our front door.  The leprechaun also left a little yellow note by our door saying, "May the luck of the Irish always be with you."

Here are some of the footprints that the leprechaun left leading from our front door and going up and down our stairs!

Here are some more of the leprechaun's footprints leading from our trap into Grace and Eve's bedrooms.
When Grace, Jack and Eve woke up this morning they found the trap had fallen overnight.  They were certain there was a leprechaun inside but no...he had tricked us all!  Not to worry though, Jack already has a leprechaun trap idea in mind for next year which involves a complex rope and pulley system and an inclined plane.  Jack also has some thoughts brewing about the possibly incorporating weights and sticky traps!  :)

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