Saturday, November 16, 2013

Our New Saturday Night Tradition: Dining by Firelight!

Grace, Jack and Eve first started eating dinner in front of our fireplace in our living room last month.  Click HERE to seen why.  Prior to that, we had been making and eating our Saturday evening dinners outside by the fire.  Click HERE to see!  We are going to make this our new Saturday evening tradition during the colder months until we are able to eat outside by the fire once again.  Grace, Jack and Eve all worked so hard together to move our coffee table and child sized chairs from our art room in front of the hearth.  During dinner, we turn off most of the lights so that Grace, Jack and Eve truly are dining by firelight.  It is so warm and cozy.....and oh the conversations that occur in this space are priceless!   


Anonymous said...

"Dinner for three?" "May I sit you in front of the fire?" "Would you like to hear the menu for the evening?" "Can I get you something to drink?" "Would you like to hear the house specials?"
"May I make a suggestion?" "Is everyone pleased with their dinner?" "Would you like a treat to end your meal?" "It has been a pleasure serving you. Be sure to come again. Saturday nights are lovely for a relaxed meal before the fire."

And so it goes at a five-star restaurant.

Great idea and great fun!


P.S. I hope the socialites tipped the servers generously.

Maddy, said...

Love Memere's comments!!

I need to make my way up during these cold months on a Saturday night. The big question is shall I stand back and listen or join in and talk....hmmm!

You are the sweetest and "best-est" parents for your three children. 'After hours' at your restaurant, enjoy yourself at that same table for warm and cozy time.

Sending mid-November Love Up to All,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?