Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jack's Montessori Work

Jack's teacher at his Montessori preschool frequently sends me pictures of Jack engaged in specific activities at school.  Here are two that she sent to me last week.  In the picture above, Jack was given small phonetic objects and he is shown working on building words with moveable alphabet letters.  In the picture below, Jack is working with the teen board and number beads.

Jack attends preschool school three mornings per week and he loves it!  Every morning when I pick Jack up from school I ask him what he enjoyed the most that day and his reply is always the same, "Everything, Mama!"  I love how his school is so academically based and filled with so many learning activities yet Jack never views it as work.  Jack always tell me that he "plays" all day at school.

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Maddy to Jack, said...

So loving Jack in his element as a learner! How sweet is it that he views it all as play...exactly the way it should be at this stage!

So wanting Jack to always think of learning as interesting and pleasurable and entertaining and enjoyable and play.

And I just have to say--Jack is a cute as a bug in a rug! I *love* that boy so, so, so much!

I Love You, My Boy, Maddy

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