Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting Ready for the Holidays...

Eve and I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings together while Jack and Grace are in school.  This morning Eve worked on making glittery autumn leaves that we will be putting on our Thanksgiving table next week.  As an aside...I was talking to Grace, Jack and Eve on the way to school this morning about how they have two more full weeks of school and then a two day school week the week of Thanksgiving.  Grace promptly reminded me that next week was Thanksgiving...oh my, I really thought I had another week in there!!!

Earlier this month Grace, Jack and Eve made autumn leaves using a pumpkin spice salt dough recipe (2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water and 2 heaping tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice).  They rolled out the dough and cut out lots of autumn leaves.

This morning Eve painted the leaves with a water and glue mixture and sprinkled on red, orange and gold glitter.  The leaves turned out to be so pretty and sparkly.  Eve is very excited to decorate our Thanksgiving table NEXT WEEK (!) with these beautiful leaves.

After finishing the autumn leaves, Eve planted four paperwhite flower bulbs.  We are hoping they will bloom just in time for Christmas.  Eve also had fun decorating the flower pot with stickers.

Eve was quite proud of her soil covered hands!  We had quite the mix of autumn and spring smells in our art room this morning.  The pumpkin spice salt dough ornaments smelled like autumn and the soil reminded us so much of spring!

Eve did a great job planing the bulbs.  We placed them in our kitchen window, a place where we can enjoy watching them grow each day.


Mom to Rebecca!, said...

I know just what you mean, Rebecca, I could have used another week this month, too!! The 'good~thing' though is that we can see all of you sooner!!

Eve is such a sweet Little Butter Bean! I cannot get enough of her daintiness. Only Eve could work with dough, glue, glitter and even soil in a pretty yellow sweater and not get anything on it!!! That girl--I just love her so much!

Love these beautiful photos and loved hearing about those smells. Love the leaves! Counting the days to Thanksgiving!

Love to you forever,

Anonymous said...

What a busy, productive worker Eve is! She's all business and putting out leaves faster than the leaves are falling outside. Your Thanksgiving table and all your house are going to be most festive. There's going to be a party goin' on for sure.

Planting the paper whites is a wonderful tradition. They are sure to make everyone smile, particularly Eve who can take credit for planting them.

Happy days!


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