Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We are expecting some snow this coming Friday.  I took this picture of Jack two weeks ago working very hard on his "digger" in the snow that was in our backyard.  Since then, much to the dismay of Jack, all of our snow has melted!  We may be receiving a very big storm on Friday -- possibly up to two feet of snow. This would make our hard working boy very, very happy!


Maddy, said...

Jack is so, so, so cute. I am in-love with those rosy pink cheeks! Remember when he was a baby and he had the most kissable baby cheeks ever? I know that he is getting to be such a 'big boy' now but as his Maddy, I think I have special privileges to continue to kiss him, even if it is just a little!

Please, tell Jack, that I'm thrilled for your family that a big snowy storm might be coming. I'm glad it is on a Friday and all of you can be tucked inside for the weekend. Wait. Grace, Jack, and Eve will be outdoors playing, snowshoeing, shoveling, sliding, snowman making, snowmobile riding...and Roo can dig, dig, dig!

I have a recipe for Snow Cream that I cut out of the newspaper before Grace, Jack, and Eve were born...anticipating to possibly have Grands someday! I can email it along to you, Rebecca, if you'd like. You put out a big bowl and catch the fresh snow, then add some cream and vanilla, and most likely some sugar and it makes snow cream. Let me know if you'd like it.

I'll be weather watching, for certain. Love to all. Snowy thoughts and dreams to my little ones, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Jack looks as though he is ready to operate bigger and heavier equipment. He is a natural with machinery.

We're looking forward to the upcoming pictures of the children playing outside in the snow expected to fall this weekend. They have so many activities that they do, their dilema will be which to choose first.

Have fun!


Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?