Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning Up After the Blizzard!

 Jack and Daddy trying to snow blow all of that snow out of our driveway!

 Jack and Daddy beginning the long process of clearing away the snow!

Here is Jack measuring the snowfall levels...and yes, that is a yardstick he is holding.  The yardstick looks rather small against all of the snow.   I think Eve is still in a state of disbelief here!

Grace shoveling a path!

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❄❄Maddy❄❄, said...

The top two pictures really give a sense of how much snow you actually had during the blizzard.

I so happy that you have these photos to show the children as they grow up. They will be talking about this storm forever. I can hear them all saying...I can't believe I was that little...Look how much snow there was...I wish we would get another snowfall that deep again! That kind of thing happens only a few times in a lifetime!

Thank you so much for sharing all of the blizzard photos. I can't stop looking at them!

Love to Bob, Rebecca, Grace, Jack, and Eve,

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