Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome Home...

We spent the last week in Middlebury, Vermont with Maddy and Poppy!  It was such a beautiful week that was filled with fun and special moments from beginning to end.  Thank you so very much to Maddy and Poppy for the unforgettable memories!  Many pictures of our week in Vermont to come!

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from a too quiet Sunday morning, said...

You have NO idea how much we are missing our family this morning. It is waaay tooo quiet and our three little lovelies are not here to open the day.

We love Festival on the Green week. We cannot stop talking/laughing about all that we did each day and all the memorial snippets that were said! Big big smiles!!

Give our very best love to our Eve, Jack, and Gracie each and every moment until we can see them again and can share it for ourselves.

We LOVE having this week to share with you, Rebecca. We only have you ONE week a year at this point in your littles lives so it is Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and all the other holidays wrapped into this one week in July!

Thank you Bob for driving back and forth and then back and forth again to be with us! When I sat on the blanket Friday afternoon and saw you and your sweet family walk across the sidewalk right here in Middlebury my heart grew in size at the picture of you all.

Love to All,
Maddy and Poppy continues...people are still talking with us about the kiddos!!! Grace made the newspaper--singing her solo!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?