Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 6 Of Our Trip to Vermont: The Eddy Horse Farm

Grace and Jack had such an amazing experience at the Eddy Horse Farm on our last full day in Vermont.  I will be posting more pictures tomorrow of our time there with additional information about this beautiful place, the people who work there and the horses.

This is Grace the horse running to meet Grace and Jack.  She is beautiful!

Grace and Jack meet Grace and Honey!  They are standing with their owner, Betty.

Grace and Jack petting Honey!

Grace and Jack learned how to feed Honey.

Feeding Honey some treats!

In the picture above, Grace and Jack are getting ready to ride a horse!

More pictures and information about Eddy Farm tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

From their faces, they look like they won the lottery. Thrilled to be so close to these horses, feeding them, and then to ride them - what could be better. What a climax to their Middlebury vacation!


Maddy, said...

Everyone was especially wonderful and nice to Grace, Jack and Eve during their week here.

Our amazing neighbors, Betty & Susan invited Jack and Grace to ride their horses and visit the farm at which they live. It's a beautiful setting full of horse-love and understanding. I was beyond thrilled that Jack and Grace had this experience.

It seems as though all of Middlebury fell in~love with our three Grands!

xox, Maddy

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