Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 1 Of Our Trip to Vermont: Walking Across the Lake Champlain Bridge

Every year we go to Vermont to visit Maddy and Poppy during Middlebury's Festival on the Green week.  It has become a tradition that on our first full day there we go to Fort Ticonderoga, New York to have a picnic lunch and to swim in the lake.  For the past two years we have crossed the lake from Vermont into New York state via a ferry boat while the Lake Champlain bridge was being constructed.  We could hardly wait to go to the lake this year because the bridge was finally constructed!  We were so excited to walk across the Lake Champlain bridge for the first time!  You can click here and here to see our ferry boat rides and the bridge construction from our time there the past two years.  

Eve was amazed by the height of the bridge.  She loved peeking over the edge to get a glimpse of the beautiful lake below.


Jack loved walking with Poppy's walking stick as he crossed the bridge!

It is so rare that we get a family picture of all five of us or as we call ourselves "the team!"  Maddy took this picture of us when we reached the middle of the bridge.

At the midpoint of the Lake Champlain bridge is a plaque that shows the state line separating Vermont and New York.  Grace loved standing in two states at the same time!

 Jack with one foot in Vermont and the other in New York state!

 Eve in Vermont and New York!


Anonymous said...

This is a keeper of a tradition. What an experience and accomplishment! A-n-d, not one of you looks tired. The adrenaline must have been flowing freely.


Poppy said...

What a great day it was...walking over the new bridge, swimming in Lake Champlain, lunch on the bank over the lake, & creemies on the way home. Just for everyone's information...the bridge is about 1/2 mile wide.


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