Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wet Felting Easter Eggs

This week we wet felted eggs (and a little bunny) for Easter.  We used the following materials:  wool roving, plastic Easter eggs, dish soap, a bowl of hot water and a washing board.  Here is how Grace, Jack and Eve made their eggs:
  1. We wrapped wool in different directions around plastic Easter eggs until they were fully covered.  
  2. We dipped the wool covered eggs in a bowl of hot soapy water (we used 1 part dish detergent to 2 parts water).
  3. Once our eggs were wet and soapy we gently squeezed the eggs and turned them in our hands while squeezing and rubbing the wool until we began to feel the wool fibers binding together.
  4. Once the wool fibers were held together, we rolled our eggs on a washboard to continue to strengthen the wool fibers.
  5. Next, we added bursts of colors to our eggs.  Grace, Jack and Eve loved pulling off small, wispy bits of colored wool roving.  They placed the colored wool pieces onto their eggs in varying directions.  Then the entire felting process was repeated -- wetting the wool, squeezing, turning, patting, rubbing and rolling.
  6. Once the colors were completed, we rinsed out the soap and dipped our eggs into cold water to further help strengthen the fibers.
  7. We let our eggs dry.
It was so exciting to see the entire wet felting process come together.  Here are some pictures of this fun process...

Grace placing her wool covered egg into the hot, soapy water to bind the fibers together

Eve pulling the wool roving into wispy pieces

Jack beginning to cover his egg with colored wool roving

 Grace choosing her colors for her felted egg

 Eve exploring the wool with her hands

 Jack finishing his felted egg

Our finished felted Easter eggs!

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Maddy, said...

Oh, my goodness, please, oh, please, may Grace, Jack, and Eve teach me how to felt?! I have always wanted to learn and attempt this craft!

I love these captures of the kiddos--they are so beautiful and such zealous workers. Loving the eggs and bunny.

Love, Maddy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?