Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Bob celebrated his birthday on Friday!  

One of the many things that we all love so much about Bob is that he always keeps us laughing.  I asked to take a few pictures of Bob on his birthday morning just before he left for work.  Bob kept me laughing as he kept posing in silly ways for his pictures.  Here is just one of them!  

Happy, happy birthday to you, Bob.  Thank you for being the very best husband and father.

Eve, Grace, Jack and I had the best time getting ready for Bob's birthday.  Here are some pictures of them getting ready for Bob's special day...

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from Vermont, said...

That Bob!!!!! We love him so!! It is definitely true--Bob is so funny! We *love* laughing with him! There is nothing like a good sense of humor to make all the little things along the way melt away into laughter.

And, those sweetest little hands working to make Daddy's birthday so special! How fortunate that you all work together to make the most of EVERY day. Love it!

We are smiling and laughing as we look at Bob's picture again and again. Handsome and cute and funny.
Love to All of our family up in Maine each and every day,
Mom/ Dad, Mary Ann/Walter, Maddy/Poppy

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?