Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scenes from Boston

Eve sitting on a duckling in Boston's Public Garden

Jack and Grace reading the plaque about the Make Way for Ducklings statue

Jack sitting on Mrs. Mallard 

Jack and Eve watching the swan boats

Grace at Boston Harbor

Jack taking in the sites at the Public Garden

Jack and Eve admiring the boats in Boston Harbor

Grace greeting a police officer and petting his horse in the Public Garden

Eve takes over the Public Garden!

Jack sitting under the bridge in the Public Garden watching the boats

Jack and Grace

Jack watching the subway trains in Boston's T station


The Father said...

Great pictures Rebecca! What a wonderful time we had in Boston and a fantastic long weekend. I don't know how you put so much thought and energy into enriching activities for the kids every day. I love Jack's pensive looks, Grace's boundless energy and Eve's excitement!

Dad said...

These pictures should be shared with more people! Please send them on to a magazine. Write up an article to go with the pictures. The title could be..."A Maine Family Visits Boston". Mom can help.

Mom & I REALLY like your blog.

Love, Dad

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?