Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Saturday at Pineland Farms

Highlights from our day:  
Grace getting all dressed up for the cows and cleaning the barn in a tutu skirt! 
Seeing the look of surprise on Jack's face after getting a big kiss from one of the cows! 
Watching Eve walk up and down those cow aisles while waving and saying "hi" to the cows!


Anonymous said...

We are so impressed with how comfortable Grace, Jack, and Eve are in the barn, communicating with the cows, feeding them hay, maneuvering up and down the aisles with a sense of knowing the space so very well - as frequent visitors do. They should be part of a brochure for Pineland Farms; they can attest to its attraction for families, weekend after weekend, year after year. Their great-grandfather Prunier, a farmer himself, would be grinning from ear to ear with pride.

Love you all so very much,
Memere and Pepere

Anonymous said...

1, why was tetracycline recalled,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?