Friday, February 10, 2012

Grace Makes a Heart Doily Valentine Shirt for Eve

Grace made this adorable heart doily shirt for Eve this week.  To make this shirt, Grace first glued a heart shaped doily onto one of Eve's onesies.  Grace then mixed red and white fabric paint together until she came up with the perfect color.  Grace dabbed the paint into the holes of the doily using a sponge.  Once the paint dried she carefully removed the doily to reveal a sweet Valentine heart.  Grace can't wait to surprise Eve with this special shirt on Valentine's Day!  I'll post pictures of Eve wearing her special shirt next week.  

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Anonymous said...

That is fabulous! Grace will be duly rewarded by the excitement that Eve will show and express. One of the cutest valentine shirts ever on the cutest Eve ever. Looking forward to the pictures.


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