Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day: Spring is on its way in Maine!

Every year we make our own groundhogs on Groundhog Day. Our groundhogs did not see their shadows today. Hooray...spring is on it's way up here in Maine!

Grace, Jack and Eve couldn't wait to finish their breakfast and head into the art room to begin painting their groundhogs together. Groundhog Day has always been such an exciting day in our home. It's just as exciting as Christmas morning -- really and truly!

Jack was so excited when his groundhog emerged from its "burrow" and did not see its shadow! Jack can't wait for spring to arrive.

Eve was also very excited to bring her groundhog outside. She walked all around our yard with a big smile while carrying her groundhog!

Grace woke up this morning and declared that she was, "just TOO excited for Groundhog Day!" Grace also wished us all a very happy Groundhog Day first thing this morning. I love how enthusiastic and passionate Grace is about life - especially the little things.


Poppy said...

Hello Young Mainers:
What great pictures of these budding young artists. It's hard to believe spring will be here in about 6 weeks, especially since we really haven't yet had a hard least here in Vermont!

I like the intensity of the Grace, Jack, and Eve.

Love, Poppy

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