Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Love You

Eve signed "I love you" to me right before she went into her ballet class this morning.  Sweet, sweet girl.

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Mom ❤️, said...

Loving how you taught the children some of the important signs from birth, Rebecca. Butter Bean is such a Lady Bug, isn't she! I can still see Grace, Jack, and Eve as wee little ones with their teeny tiny hands signing things such as more, yes, no, down, up, and I love you.

The things you have taught them!

There is nothing like the love between a Mother and her Children. I am on a Retreat about Mary (Jesus's Mother). I was moved to tears on Tuesday evening when the little discussion group I am in talked about her love for her Son. I thought of all Mothers everywhere but most especially you, Rebecca. Many of the women in my group spoke about their bond between Mothers and their children. They shared examples and I cried even more. What a beautiful strong love. Just like I have for you and Adam.....

Thank you for sharing this little snippet of your day. It filled my heart with joy and love. Just what I needed on this early Spring day (while the snow is falling outside our window!).

Love Forever from your Mother,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?