Monday, March 16, 2015

Catching a Leprechaun!

 We are ready to catch a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! Grace, Jack and Eve made and set up their own leprechaun trap tonight. Just before going to bed, they placed their trap at the top of our stairs right outside of their bedroom doors. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch a leprechaun last year but this year our trap is complete with snacks, little sparkly treasures and the lucky leprechaun even has his very own bed and kitchen area! I'll let you know tomorrow if we were able to catch one. 
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 Grace, Jack and Eve worked for a long time together coming up with the best possible plan for their leprechaun trap!



Working hard to set up the leprechaun trap together!

Here is the finished trap for one lucky little leprechaun!


Maddy, said...

Oh my goodness! Loving how Grace, Jack, and Eve worked together on their leprechaun project! Who wouldn't want to move right in with a bed and snacks! I am thinking you will have a new family member in the morning! Such a sweet and lovely series of photos. Thank you for sharing, Rebecca.

St. Patrick's Day Love! 🍀

Anonymous said...

Those were cute pictures of you building the leprechaun house.
I hope that you caught the leprechaun.

(also known as
Kimberlee Anne Zalimas)

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?