Friday, February 20, 2015

Petey Cat

We have a cat named Petey. He truly is the sweetest and most gentle cat I have ever known. Grace, Jack and Eve adore him. Every day, Eve paints or colors pictures and hangs them on the wall around Petey's food and water bowl area so he has something colorful to look at while he eats! Petey is such a good boy...he always sits near his food while Eve describes her pictures to him. Petey waits until Eve is finished talking before he starts eating!
Petey cat got a new picture from Eve this afternoon! 

Petey cat has his very own art gallery!

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Anonymous said...

What a lucky cat! He is probably the only cat in the world that has a dedicated team of 3 artists whose mission it is to surround him with beauty and comfort.
Beautiful artwork Eve, Grace, and Jack.


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