Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Check the Van..."

Some time over the winter we discovered and embraced audio books.  This little discovery has completely and totally changed our way of life...especially Jack's.  I often walk by Jack's room to find him hanging upside down like a bat off of his bed or laying sideways on his chair listening to a story on his CD player.  When riding in the van now my children have been putting their singing voices to rest and have been asking to listen to a story on CD instead.  When we arrive home and pull into the garage we are often right in the middle of listening to a chapter.  Jack often asks if he can continue to sit in the van and listen to the story some more.  He is often accompanied by a sister or two and occasionally our cat.  Now, whenever you come to our house and wonder where my children are (especially a certain little boy) just go into our garage and check the van.  Chances are you'll find at least one in there.  :)        


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