Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We've all heard of the sweet childhood game where a child holds a buttercup flower under their chin and if their chin turns yellow it means they like butter.  One day last week I playfully took a buttercup, placed it under Eve's chin and excitedly said to Jack, "Look...Eve likes butter!"  Jack looked at me with a very sad look on his face and after a long thinking pause said, "Mommy, I really hope I don't disappoint you by telling you this but it doesn't really mean that Eve likes butter....it's just the reflection of the flower petals on Eve's chin that turns it yellow."  Jack then went on to give me a big hug and ask if I was okay knowing this.  Every day since then Jack has picked me a bouquet of buttercups, holds one flower under my chin and says, "Are you okay, Mama?  We can pretend it really means you like butter."        

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