Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Flowers for Mama!

Jack has always been such a little gentleman and he is quite the charmer too!  This morning he ran outside to pick the first dandelion of spring.  He had it clutched in his hands and said, "For you, Mama."  He then went on to tell me how happy he was to see the dandelions coming back because now he can pick flowers for me every day!  Such a sweet, sweet boy.  

This is one of my very favorite things....a mother's vase designed to hold tiny flowers picked by children.  I love it so!

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Anonymous said...

My heart swells at this expression of love and caring.
What a joy and charmer!

The dandelion and pansy look well situated in this lovely vase. It will be full before long with many more gifts from the heart.

Love you,

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