Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Very Special Sea Dogs Baseball Game

Last night we attended a Sea Dogs baseball game at Hadlock Field in Portland.  The Sea Dogs are the Double-A affiliate team of the Boston Red Sox.  One of the game sponsors was the Scarborough Schools PTA so all Scarborough students had the opportunity to go out onto the field and stand with a player during the singing of our national anthem.  

Here are Grace and Jack waiting on the field just before they ran out near the pitcher's mound.  They were very fortunate to stand with the pitcher of the Sea Dogs.  Once they were out on the field Jack turned to the pitcher and asked, "How good of a pitcher are you?"   His response was, "Great!"  :)

Grace and Jack were so excited to see Slugger, who is the mascot for the Sea Dogs.  Our sweet little Eve decided not to go out onto the field because she is quite frightened of Slugger.  Eve enjoys watching and waving to him from afar but does not want to get too close!

Here are Eve, Grace, Jack and Daddy watching the game.  It rained on and off throughout the game but it certainly didn't dampen our excitement.

Grace loves Slugger and she went right up to him to give a high five.

Look who else went to the game with us....Lavender!!!  Eve laughed and laughed when her beloved "Der-Der" watched the baseball game too!

Grace and Jack were asked if they would like to play musical chairs out on the field at the end of the fourth inning.  They were both so excited to have another opportunity go back on the field for a second time.  Here they are waiting in a special section of the stands before going onto the field again.

 Grace intently watched every move of the game.

Jack and Slugger!

 Here is Eve giving Daddy a big kiss just before the game started.

 Here are Grace and Jack on the field at the end of the fourth inning playing musical chairs.  What an amazing experience they had at the Sea Dogs game.

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