Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Snow Day

We had our first big snowfall on Thursday. We spent the day (in our pajamas!) celebrating our first snow day of the season. When Bob left for work that morning, Grace and Jack went outside in their pajamas to wave goodbye and to run in the freshly fallen snow. They were so excited!


Once Eve woke up we brought the snow inside and had our own indoor snow party using cotton balls for snow!

We even made our own snow angels inside!

Luckily, we had a plow to move all of our snow...

...and a dump truck to remove it!

After breakfast we thought it would be fun to fill a bin with some snow and bring it inside to play with. We quickly went out onto our deck to scoop up some snow for our snow sensory bin.

Just before coming inside, Jack performed a snow dance for us on our deck!

Eve and I went out on our deck with Grace and Jack to help collect some of the snow. After a few minutes we went inside together to gather materials for our snow bin. While waiting for Grace and Jack to come in, Eve stood at the window and loved watching the beautiful snowflakes fall.

Jack, Grace and Eve had the very best time playing with the snow from the warmth of our home! They loved making miniature snowmen and had fun pretending to cook and bake with the snow.

Eve is definitely a winter baby! She certainly does not mind the cold -- she loved playing with the snow. Eve had fun putting the snow in and out of containers.

Grace had a great idea to paint the snow using watercolor paints. In the picture above, Grace is painting some snow in her bowl. The colored snow looked beautiful!

Grace, Jack and Eve spent over an hour playing, painting, cooking and baking with the snow.

Eve was fascinated with the bits of colored snow that Grace and Jack painted and placed inside of the bin for her to play with.

Later that morning we made snow play dough. We added blue and turquoise glitter to our dough for a wintry look. We also added a few drops of peppermint oil.

We went outside to play in the snow several times throughout the day. Here are some pictures from our time outside:

Sled rides!

Snow angels!

Going on a wintry walk near the woods!

Each time we went outside we measured the snow to see how much snow had fallen! At the end of the day we made a snow depth graph.

We finished our snow day with a special treat of hot cocoa!

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away for only a bit, said...

So so so very sorry for being away from you for so long.
There have been a few challenging moments and I wanted to leave the most loving and positive notes here that I could. It's all good again, well, almost.

I would pay a big admission ticket to spend such a beautiful day with you. I would go outside in a snowstorms in pajamas, no problem. I would also lie on the floor covered in snow both the cotton type and the real stuff. I would dance the snow dance on the deck with Jack. I would stand at the window with Eve and look outside and cook and bake snow recipes with Grace. I would play with minty glittery play dough in a second. Sled rides and snow angles would be such fun. Measuring snow depth and walks would fill my heart and soul. And, ending a day full of wintry delights with cocoa and my most beautiful and most amazing Grandchildren would be priceless! Oh, yes, now that would indeed be a day that I would wish would never end.

I will make a day and days just like this happen real soon.

Love, Maddy

PS...I will leave special comments on the posts that I have missed in the morning.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?