Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Gymnastics Birthday Party!

Last weekend we went to Massachusetts to attend cousin Rose & Kimberlee's gymnastics birthday party. We all had a great time! It was so much fun. It was also so nice to see everyone again. In the picture above, Grace is standing with the two birthday girls!

Cousin Rose turned 7 on December 15th. Jack and Rose share the same birthday!

Cousin Kimberlee turned 4 on November 2. Kimberlee's birthday is exactly one month before Grace's!



Kimberlee and Eve

Thank you to Auntie Allison, Uncle Steve, Rose and Kimberlee for such a fun-filled party!

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Anonymous said...

What great photos of a happy time!
Their enthusiasm, fearlessness, and exuberance filled the space and my heart. The smiles lit up the room.
Such joy to see these beautiful faces, AND their my grandchildren!
How blessed am I (along with their parents and other grandparents and greatgrandmother)!!!

Ceaseless love, hugs, and kisses,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?