Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Vacation!

Grace and Jack's spring vacation started yesterday. Hooray!  We are all so excited and happy to be home together for the next week.


Mom, said...

What captivating photos of Grace, Jack, and Eve!

You certainly have a way behind the lens, Rebecca.
You tell stories just with your photos alone. What an eye you have. You know your children so well and it shows in your photography work.

Enjoy a whole week together....talking, cooking, making art, reading, running, swinging, skipping, putting on plays, making music, and growing on the inside and out.

I really love the new raincoats and rainboots from Memere and Pepere. You could photograph them for the next catalog.

I love all of you with a heart full of love and joy. These April flowers will soon bring way to the May flowers.

Love Always,

Mom, said...

Back Again!

Just took a look at the week's forecast and I might have to amend my above message. Rain all this week! Thank goodness for the lovely new raincoats and rainboots. Now I would like to add puddle jumping and puddle playing to your list of activities!

Watch your basement, Rebecca! Please, do not get water in there. Please!!

Wishing you and Eve, Grace, and Jack LOTS of rainbows this week.

Love, Mom
☔️❤️😃💧🌈 the rocking umbrellas, too!!

Mom!, said...

April showers not April flowers!
You can tell I have flowers on my mind!

Anonymous said...

Rainy days never looked as good as they do when these lovelies are in the picture. Their smiles light up the day whether sunny or cloudy, snowy or rainy. They are our sunshine.

Memere and Pepere

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?