Friday, October 24, 2014

My Ever So Strong & Brave Gracie Girl

For the past week Grace has not been feeling well. She went to the hospital last week to have an ultrasound of her abdomen due to some intense right sided abdominal pain. Her pediatrician was concerned about appendicitis but the ultrasound revealed that Grace has swollen lymph nodes surrounding her appendix. This condition is called mesenteric adenitis. When Grace came home from school yesterday the pain in her abdomen had intensified and did not resume overnight. Her pediatrician sent Grace to the emergency room this morning. After nearly six hours of testing it was discovered that the lymph nodes on her left side are also now affected. Unfortunately this condition may persist for several weeks. What struck me today as I sat watching Grace in the emergency room is just how very strong she is. If you just look at Grace and watch her you would really not know how much pain she is in. Her bright and positive personality continue to shine despite her not feeling well. I am also very proud of the way Grace conducted herself in the emergency room today. Grace took complete control of her health by asking many thoughtful questions to all of the doctors and nurses in order to understand everything that was happening to her. Although Grace looked so tiny lying in that hospital bed her spirit was so very big and bright.


Maddy and Poppy, said...

There she is...My Girl! I am having such a difficult time seeing Gracie Girl in a hospital bed in the Emergency Room. Dad and I haven't stopped talking about her since we heard....but actually seeing her makes it even sadder for us.

We are sending Grace and your little family all of our very best love. Give her lots of sweet kisses from us and tight hugs.

I would take it all away from Grace and put it in me in a heartbeat.

Love to everyone. xox.

Anonymous said...

Grace, we are so saddened that you are in pain and not feeling well. We are wishing upon all the stars that you be well. Since the heavens are full of them, those are a lot of wishes, a lot of healing thoughts headed your way.

By the way, you are one very cute patient. Also, you had to be a big help to the doctors, giving details about how you have been feeling and asking thoughtful questions. I bet that you were a ray of sunshine in the ER.

Lots of love and XOXOXO,
Pepere and Memere

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