Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sibling Love

Poor Jack had to go to emergency care today because a bungee cord snapped and ended up cutting Jack above his left eye.  Fortunately, Jack's laceration did not require any stitches and it was able to be closed using a surgical skin adhesive.  On our way to pick up Grace from school this afternoon I thought about how concerned she would be for her brother once she found out what had happened earlier today.  Grace has always been a very protective big sister to Jack and she is always looking out for him.  When Grace saw Jack for the first time after school she immediately burst into tears, wrapped her arms tightly around Jack and rested her head on his shoulder.  Grace then began to sob as she asked Jack what happened and if he was okay.  Grace kept repeating, "I'm so sorry and sad for you, Jack."  This scene was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.  As a mother it is the worst feeling in the world when your child is sick or hurt and it was also hard to watch Grace become so sad.  Yet, it was also very heartwarming...the love that Grace and Jack share is so evident.  I love the special connection that these two share!   


Anonymous said...

Grace's connection with Jack's hurt, her sorrow for his misfortune, her perfect wording, all embody the priceless gift of compassion. At such a young age, she knows what this is and demonstrates it beautifully.
I am deeply touched and grateful to Grace for showing Jack, and us,
what it is to genuinely feel another's pain, to show compassion. What love!


Anonymous said...

Jack, Memere and Pepere were so sorry and saddened to hear of your hurt by the bungee cord. When they snap, they give a powerful snap. But you were so strong and brave! We hope that the itchiness that comes with healing the cut will be as little as possible, and that soon all will be well. "You are The Man!"

Love and hugs,

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