Saturday, September 5, 2015


For the first time in a very long time Grace, Jack and Eve are in different places during the day. Grace and Jack are in different schools this year and Eve is home with me. This week I have loved seeing how Grace, Jack and Eve get together in the afternoon when they are reunited to talk about their day. The big news on Thursday was that Jack lost a tooth at school on his first day of first grade (he lost a tooth at school on his first day of kindergarten too!). Grace's big news was that she had math class (she loves learning and was a bit disappointed that she did not have math class on her first two days of school!). Eve's big news was that she went to Pineland Farms and made her own lunch. The best part of all of this is how excited each one is when they hear what their siblings shared about their day. It's all very sweet.

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farashyta said...

so wonderfull,, they are so cute .. its good family,, maybe you interest visit back my blog,, i'm from indonesia

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