Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'll Be Back Soon!

I took the week off from blogging to spend with Grace, Jack, Eve and my Mom.  Maddy was with us this past week!!!  We had the best time together.  We all had so much fun and it was so, so special for me to be able to spend time with my Mom and talk in person rather than on the phone.  I'll be back to posting pictures soon.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Here are my three little valentines!  I love how much these three children adore each other.  I love how Grace tells Jack that he is her best friend and how she tells Eve that she is the best girl in the whole world.  I love how Jack randomly goes up to his sisters to give them a big hug and kiss everyday.  I love how Eve looks at Grace and Jack and says "I love you" followed by a big smile.

 I have several other Valentine's Day pictures that I will be sharing soon!  I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Have a very sweet day.
Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning Up After the Blizzard!

 Jack and Daddy trying to snow blow all of that snow out of our driveway!

 Jack and Daddy beginning the long process of clearing away the snow!

Here is Jack measuring the snowfall levels...and yes, that is a yardstick he is holding.  The yardstick looks rather small against all of the snow.   I think Eve is still in a state of disbelief here!

Grace shoveling a path!

Our Biggest Snowstorm on Record [Part 2]

Jack trying so hard to snowshoe!

Grace playing a a snow drift!

Eve found shelter near the door on our front deck!

Jack standing outside of our garage.

Grace & Jack

This is what a blizzard looks and feels like!


Grace and Jack enjoying all of the snow!


Grace trying to look at me through all of the snow and wind!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Biggest Snowstorm on Record [Part 1]

Our biggest snowstorm on record has finally ended!  Here are some pictures that I took this morning of Grace, Jack and Eve.  It continued to snow here in Scarborough, Maine through the afternoon so imagine adding six more inches onto the snowfall seen here(!).

Here is a picture of our sweet Eve.  The snow that we ended up receiving was much taller than she was.  I don't think Eve knew quite what to think of all this snow!

Here is Grace exploring all of the snow in our backyard!

Jack loves snow and all he kept saying was, "THIS IS AMAZING!" over and over again when he first looked out the window this morning and as he was playing outside.  This picture shows what we saw when we first opened our garage doors!

This is a great picture because it shows just how much snow we really have and how deep it is!  Grace had a great time playing and digging holes in the snow drifts.

Jack initially tried to walk using his snowshoes but quickly realized that there was just too much snow!

This picture of Eve shows her standing in our garage looking out onto all of that snow in our driveway. 

I love this picture of Grace looking at all of the snow in our backyard.

Here is a view of all of the snow in our driveway, front yard and porch.

Grace playing in the snow in our driveway!

This picture shows Jack on our deck.  He worked really hard to get all the way out there!

Eve watching Grace playing up there in that snow that is so much taller than Eve is!

Grace made a little bed for herself in the snow!

More pictures coming tomorrow!

Where's Grace?!!

Here is a picture of our Gracie girl that I took first thing this morning.  Since this picture was taken we have received at least 6-7 additional inches of snow and it's still snowing.  I have LOTS more blizzard pictures to go through.  I'll post more tonight!

Over 30 inches of snow!

We made it through the night with our electricity ON!  We woke up this morning to a blizzard - lots of snow and white out conditions.  We have well over 30 inches of snow with snow drifts measuring feet high! We took Grace and Jack outside this morning while Eve was still asleep (poor little Eve - the snow is taller than her!).  I took some pictures, which I'll post later today.

Friday, February 8, 2013

We're Ready for this Blizzard!

 We have two handsome snow blowers.

 We have one very excited snow shoveler....

...and an official snow measurer.

We are prepared as we can be for this storm!
I'll post more pictures tomorrow!

It's a Blizzard!

We are getting LOTS and LOTS and LOTS more snow.   It has been snowing all day and the worst of it (the blizzard conditions) will begin later this afternoon and last all through the night and all day tomorrow.  It is possible that we may get between 2-3 feet of snow!  I just hope that we do not loose electricity and that we get less snow than Eve is tall!  We are going outside soon to play in all this snow while the snowfall and wind levels are still manageable and fun.  I hope to post pictures later - unless we loose power.  :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grace's 100th Day of Kindergarten!

I made this 100 tally mark shirt for Grace to wear to celebrate her 100th day of kindergarten today!  Grace could hardly wait to get to school this morning to begin celebrating her 100th day of school!  Each child in Grace's class was asked to bring in 100 items of their choice.  Grace also made a 100 hand print book, a 100 paperclip chain and a 100 bead necklace to share with the class.
The back of Grace's shirt. 

Look at all of those grown up teeth coming in!  Grace has already changed so much since she started kindergarten.  Grace is such a bright, confident and kind girl with a glowing spirit and so full of life --everyone who knows our Grace loves her so, so dearly.  She is like a bright ray of sunshine who lights up a room!

Hooray for the 100th day!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?