Friday, August 29, 2014

Grace, Jack & Eve's Special Brick

Over the past year we have watched the new Wentworth Intermediate School being built from the ground up!  The school was recently completed and will be open to students on Tuesday, which is the first day of school.  Students in Scarborough attend Wentworth when they enter the third grade, which will be Grace next year (oh can that be?!).  In the spring we were presented with the opportunity to purchase a brick and have something engraved on it to be permanently displayed on the front walkway of the new school.  Last evening after dinner I surprised Grace, Jack and Eve by taking them to the school to find the brick with their names on it.  We had the best time reading all of the names, messages and sayings on each of the bricks as we were searching for ours.

Here is Grace, Jack and Eve's brick on the front walkway of the new school.

Grace was the first one to locate our brick.  Here she is looking at it.  Grace loved reading all of the other names and messages on the other bricks too!

We all peeked in the front doors of the new school to get a good first look!  We were amazed by the beautiful artwork that was displayed in the front lobby.

Grace, Jack and Eve spent a lot of time standing at this fence watching the workers put the finishing touches on the new playground.  They can't wait to play here when it is ready to go!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Beginning of Soccer Season!

 Jack is very excited that Daddy is coaching his soccer team (the Triceratops!) this season.

Grace is so happy to be on the Turtle team again this year with Coach Drew.   

Eve is also playing soccer this year.  She will be on the Mini-Kicks team and will begin practicing in September.  Eve cheered Jack and Grace on as they had their soccer kickoff over the weekend.  Eve showed her full support by wearing her shin guards and by watching her older brother and sister practice for nearly four hours!  She is such a trooper.

Yay, Jack!

Go, Grace!

Grace is serving as the assistance coach of Jack's team.  

After about an hour of Eve and I watching the soccer meet together I told her, "Don't worry Evey girl...only three more hours to go!"  Here is her priceless reaction.   :)

Gracie balancing on her soccer ball!

 We are all looking forward to an exciting soccer season ahead...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fairy Light Jars!

My children love fairies.  I have been wanting to make fairy light jars with them all summer and today was the day!  These jars were very simple to make.  We first placed a thin layer of tulle inside each of the jars.  Next, we cut open several glow sticks and carefully poured the glow sticks liquid inside each of the three jars.  We then added the lids, shook them and brought them into a dark room.  The results were beautiful.  We are now ready to catch some fairies!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making Salsa!

Grace, Jack and Eve made homemade salsa using tomatoes, peppers and cilantro harvested from our garden! 

 Here are Grace, Jack and Eve harvesting the items needed for some salsa making!

 Lots of ripe tomatoes were harvested.

Grace and Jack has a great time together making their own salsa! 

Eve did a great job cutting up all of her salsa ingredients using a pair of scissors.  It's actually much easier and much more fun to cut the ingredients using scissors rather than a knife...and safer too!  It's also a great way to sneak in some fine motor practice!  :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scarborough SummerFest!

We had a great time at Scarborough's SummerFest on Friday evening.  It's an annual end of summer event that we look forward to every year.  Our town does an amazing job putting on this family fun event.  It was nice to see so many of our good friends there too!

Grace and Jack trying out throwing a football!

Eve enjoyed spending time at a little petting zoo.  She especially loved the rabbits!

Grace, Jack and Eve each holding a rabbit!

We enjoyed listening to the live band.  Grace, Jack and Eve hit the dance floor later on!

Jack and Eve watching a magic show!

Jack and Eve going through a bouncy house!

Grace getting her face painted.

Grace's face painting...a bunny!

Eve getting her face painted.

Eve's face painting...also a bunny!

Jack jumping high!
Gracie jumping high!

The night ended with a spectacular fireworks show.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cloud Paint!

When all three of my children were babies and toddlers I did lots of sensory activities with them. Their favorite sensory activity was playing with "cloud paint" (shaving cream). Over time, as my children have grown and have outgrown playing with cloud paint on a tray, the activity has evolved into has now become a great summertime activity to fill their little pool with cloud paint for some extra fun sensory play. 

 Oh, and the clean up is just as fun too!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?