Monday, August 31, 2009

G is for Green Grass

Grace and Jack worked together today on the letter G. Grace told me she wanted to put grass on G as a way to remember summer when winter arrives. Jack helped pick grass and he loved playing with it in his big dump truck while Grace glued the green grass on the G's!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Day At The Acton Fair

Grace's First Pair Of Ballet & Tap Shoes

Grace was fitted for her first pair of ballet slippers and tap shoes yesterday! Grace loved every moment she spent in the dance store. Grace will begin ballet and tap dance class in just two weeks!

Jack's Baby Blues

I read an article last night which said that Jack's eyes are probably close to their final color. How I love those baby blues!

Friday, August 28, 2009

B is for Button

Every week Grace and Jack will be working on making upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet. I asked Grace to choose the first letter to decorate this morning. Grace decided on the letter b because she said that Jack loves saying this sound and she wanted to make the b's for Jack. Grace decorated her letters with all things "b" - blue paper and buttons! Grace carefully studied each button and there was much thought put behind which buttons she glued onto the letters.

All of the finished letters of the alphabet will be hung on the wall adjacent to the staircase that leads upstairs in our house. I thought this would be a great way for Jack to begin his exposure to letters and sounds. It will be fun to show Jack all of the letters, sounds, colors, and items on the letters each time we are on the stairs together. Since Grace knows all of the letters and their corresponding sounds I will have her choose each letter theme. It will make Grace so happy to know that she is helping Jack learn. It will also be fun for Grace to work on an ongoing project that will take many weeks to complete.

More Playground Fun!

We spent our afternoon at Deering Oaks Park where Jack & Grace enjoyed a beautiful new playground that the park has been working on all summer long. We will be sure to cherish all of the days we spend here before the cold weather comes!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbs Up The Water Spout!

One of Jack's favorite songs is the Itsy Bitsy Spider. While Jack was taking his morning nap Grace & I wanted to surprise him when he woke up with a spider that goes up a water spout by making this Itsy Bitsy Spider cup!

Grace first chose a plastic cup. Grace chose blue because she said it is Jack's favorite color. I placed the cup upside-down and poked a small hole in the bottom. We then cut a piece of yarn that was just long enough to form a loop going along the inside and outside of the cup. We knotted the yarn to form the loop so that the spider can slide up and down. Grace then made the spider by drawing and coloring a circle black. I added the legs and Grace added the googly eyes. Next, we cut out the spider and taped it onto the yarn loop. Grace also drew a sun and we glued that to the back side of the cup.
Grace couldn't wait for Jack to wake up so she could show him her surprise. Jack couldn't have been any happier to hear Grace sing his favorite song. Jack was amazed to watch the Itsy Bitsy Spider climb up the water spout and to see the sunshine dry up all the rain!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Sweet, Simple Things In Life

Fun Times At Memere & Pepere's House!

We went to visit Memere, Pepere, Auntie Allison, and Cousins Rose & Kimberlee in Massachusetts on Saturday. Grace and Jack were so excited to see everyone. Grace and Rose had a great time dressing up together in all of Rose's beautiful dress up clothes. We always love seeing these two sweet girls together, especially when they give each other their very big hugs!Cousin Kimberlee is as sweet as can be and so very cute too! Jack showed off for Memere by demonstrating his (fake!) cough over & over & over again! Earlier in the day Jack had a fun time splashing and playing in the rain with Memere during a brief rain shower. It's always wonderful visiting and talking with Auntie Allison. Allison is the best aunt to Grace and Jack and they adore her!Jack was full of smiles for Pepere. Jack enjoyed talking and talking with Pepere all about "dada!"
Thank you Memere, Pepere, Auntie Allison, Rose, and Kimberlee for our special visit. We missed seeing Uncle Steve, who was at Reserves. We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Grace's Life Sized Collages!

Grace absolutely loved this project and we we only completed the first few steps - the collages are a work in progress! The idea for this activity sprung from Grace's love of measuring and having herself measured to see if she has grown. This project began by taping together two long pieces of paper. I traced Grace's body onto the paper so she could measure herself. After I traced Grace she painted her body using a new painting method - a paint roller! Grace picked her own colors (we have been talking a lot about color families & warm and cool colors). Grace choose to paint her "Grace" using blue and green. I also asked Grace to paint the paper around her body outline. The extra painted paper will be used later for eyes, hair, and other facial/body features. Grace loved the idea of measuring, tracing, and roller painting so much that she decided to trace several of her stuffed animal friends too! In the picture above Grace is tracing her cat, Eliza Jane.Grace ended up tracing and painting three of her stuffed friends and chose such beautiful and vibrant colors to paint them. I love how Grace's collages turned out looking very Eric Carle inspired! The next steps of this collage project include cutting out the collages and adding features. We will be working on these collages all next week. Jack made his own collage too - it's the one pictured at the bottom of the picture! You can read all about Jack in the post below to see how he created his collage.

Jack's Life Sized Collage!

Jack decided to branch out and create his own unique collage! Jack first explored his large collage paper by sitting on it and crawling over it. Jack was delighted by the crinkling sound the paper made as he moved. I later poured blue and yellow paint on the center of Jack's paper. Jack initially painted using his only his hands but then he decided it would be most fun to crawl in it! I think Jack's collage turned out to be a true masterpiece! :)

Treasure Rock Update

It has been so humid here that Grace's treasure rocks are STILL drying. I am really hoping they will be dry by Monday. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grace & Jack

These past few weeks have been difficult for me and for my family. My grandfather has been in and out of the hospital over the past month but there are two little ones that help to brighten some dark days and help to keep everyone going. These little ones are Grace & Jack! We all love these sweet and beautiful children so very, very much ~ more than words can say. Grace & Jack bring such joy, love, and life to all who know them. Thank you, Grace & Jack, for always being such bright rays of sunshine.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Keeping Cool!

Wash, Rinse, & Dry!

While we were in Vermont in July one of Maddy's friends told us about a great activity that her children love ~ using soap, water, and a washboard to clean clothes. Grace has her own washboard and she uses it to wash clothes and stuffed toys but she LOVES to wash her Ellas the most. In addition to being a washboard, Grace uses it as a musical board too! We searched all of Middlebury for a washboard while we were there in July without any luck. Maddy did an Internet search and found a wonderful company called The Columbus Washboard Company and she ordered Grace and Jack this washboard from them. The Columbus Washboard Company has been making washboards since 1895 and they are the only manufacturer still operating in the United States today. This company also sends their washboards and laundry supplies to our troops overseas! Daddy hung a low lying clothesline on our deck so Grace can hang her laundry to dry!!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?