Saturday, September 5, 2015

Our Adventures in the Scarborough Marsh at Low Tide

We had the day off from school yesterday so we decided to spend our morning biking along the Eastern Trail.  We biked for maybe a total of two minutes before Jack stopped.  Off in the distance he saw a man digging for clams in the marsh and he asked if we could go dig for clams too.  The girls were just as excited to do this so we parked our bikes and spent hours digging for clams and exploring the marsh together at low tide.

 Here are Grace, Jack and Eve digging for clams in the Scarborough marsh at low tide.

Grace and Eve loved exploring the marsh together.  It was such a beautiful day...there was definitely a hint of autumn in the air though.

 I took this picture at the beginning of our clam digging excursion and this is when we were still "clean!"  :)


For the first time in a very long time Grace, Jack and Eve are in different places during the day. Grace and Jack are in different schools this year and Eve is home with me. This week I have loved seeing how Grace, Jack and Eve get together in the afternoon when they are reunited to talk about their day. The big news on Thursday was that Jack lost a tooth at school on his first day of first grade (he lost a tooth at school on his first day of kindergarten too!). Grace's big news was that she had math class (she loves learning and was a bit disappointed that she did not have math class on her first two days of school!). Eve's big news was that she went to Pineland Farms and made her own lunch. The best part of all of this is how excited each one is when they hear what their siblings shared about their day. It's all very sweet.

Jack's First Day of First Grade!

Jack started first grade on Thursday.  It was another very exciting day at our house.

Jump for Joy!

Apple & Raspberry Picking

While Grace was attending her first day of third grade, Jack, Eve and I went raspberry and apple picking at Libby & Sons Orchards.  It was a beautiful day.

Grace's First Day of Third Grade!

Grace's first day of third grade.  It was such an exciting morning for all of us.

The Night Before Third Grade

I took this picture of Grace on Monday night....the night before she started third grade.  I found Grace reading in her bed while listening to music with headphones on (!!!)...a sure sign to me that she is growing up.  This is all happening much too fast in my eyes but I am so proud of my now third grader.  My Amazing Grace!


 Last Sunday we spent our afternoon playing baseball with our neighbors.  This was a sweet and simple way to end our weekend.  I feel incredibly blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood surround by so many incredible and supportive families.

 Eve had a great time practicing throwing all of these baseballs.

 Eve thought it was really fun to sit in the bucket too!

Grace and Jack had the best time playing baseball on a real field!

Scarborough's Annual Summer Fest 2015

Last Saturday evening we went to the annual Summer Fest in our town.  Here are some pictures tha I took of Grace, Jack and Eve right before we left.  As you can see  we were all soooooo excited.  This is an event that we look forward to at the end of every summer.  We had the best time there.

Smiling Hill Farm

We spent last Saturday at Smiling Hill Farm.  The last weekend before school started! 


At the end of August a good friend of mine invited us to Funtown, Splashtown!  It was such a fun day from beginning to end and a great way to end the summer.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?